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 Please read this OP

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PostSubject: Please read this OP   Sat 19 Jun 2010 - 8:49

There are some pretty desperate people out there, but if it's any help, brock called me on my mobile phone and text me a few times, (I still have the number and messages)... if anyone needs to legally pursue this person, I am more than happy to offer my phone to the police so as to assist with capturing the culprit.

I think they are involved in all sorts of grubby underhanded online crap, and think this is why they are going to such extremes to obscure the flow of conversation.

This said, feel free to PM me away from the idiot.

I have Roo, brocks, fordsules ( and a few others) phone numbers as all three attempted to befriend me initially.

Even if they have changed their numbers since, police are able to trace the number back to the culprits.
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Please read this OP
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