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 A note to forumotion staff re-PM to Luky

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PostSubject: A note to forumotion staff re-PM to Luky   Mon 21 Jun 2010 - 5:13

From mellie To Luky, Today at 4:37 pm
Lucky, I have left the following message on my forum

Quote :
I think the forumotion team will be able to see for themselves who the trouble makers are, and don't need to look too far to see whats happened here with respects to this weekends nonsense.

Again, thanks for your patience, we should have this forum up and running again properly shortly.

And feel free to check out Ausatires new blog in the mean time.



Admin & forumotion team



Due to persistent trolling, and my inability to maintain access to my administration panel, I would like to provide you with the new password forumotion generates and sends to me (I wont log in with it myself), to allow you full access to my administration panel so you may change the password at your discretion and (keep it to yourself)... so that you may see how when I attempt to log back into my admin panel after changing the password, it wont allow me to do this.

A glitch?


Unsure at this stage, however I am prepared to hand over full administration rights to yourself, so that you may take a look.
I don't expect you to do this immediately, take your time, though if you could assist me with this matter it would be greatly appreciated as I'm unable to manage the situation effectively myself due to my admin password constantly changing whenever I log out of admin.

In short, this is what happens...

1- I cant access my admin panel
2- I contact forumotion (Initially typlo, now I PM you) and am then reissued a new password via email.
3- I then log into my admin, change my password as suggested by forumotion then clean up the mess.
4- I log out, then cant log back in again.

.....and so the cycle starts again, whereby I need to contact you by PM to reissue me with another new password.

Please advise if this is OK with you, so we may trouble shoot whats happening here on my forum together.


Melinda (Ausatire Admin)
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A note to forumotion staff re-PM to Luky
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