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 Before voting for Julia Gillard consider the following 4 things

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PostSubject: Before voting for Julia Gillard consider the following 4 things   Sat 26 Jun 2010 - 16:37

-Julia Gillard is responsible for the school hall rip off - $16.2 billion spent on school halls, a $1.7 billion blow out, at least $5 billion wasted through mismanagement, gouging and state government substitution, no requirement for value for money, non government schools allowed to self manage their projects while government schools were ripped off.

Ironic, considering Gillard attended public schools herself.

-Julia Gillard is responsible for the computers in schools program – a $1.2 billion blow out, 300 000 laptops delivered out of 970 000 promised, no broadband hook up for schools as was promised in 2007 and the program delayed for longer than it took to prosecute WWI.... Oh, you though only Rudd was to blame?
My son is currently in year 10 at a local government high school, and has been without a qualified computer teacher since the end of last term, though he has a shiny new school laptop he can now watch movies on, and thats about it as they are far too small to comfortably write up an essay on. His friend has been without his school issued laptop for a whole term, and when something goes wrong with them or they are stolen, they take forever, if at all to be replaced.

-Julia Gillard is responsible for the abolition of the Australian Technical Colleges and the introduction of Trades Training Centres – 2650 promised in every government secondary school.
Not all highschools, many schools having to pool resources, their students forced to abandon classes in order to attend another high schools trade centre.

-Julia Gillard is responsible for implementing the policy to “end the dreaded double drop off” (Rudd’s promise from 2007 in relation to Child Care Centres) – 260 Child Care Centres promised, 38 delivered, the promise has now been junked.

[b]Have people stopped having children?

Julia Gillard has been responsible for four programs in Education and Child Care that she has manifestly failed to deliver – why would you trust her to run the country?


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PostSubject: Re: Before voting for Julia Gillard consider the following 4 things   Sat 26 Jun 2010 - 16:57

They chose to have babies, not me, and my failure to deliver across the above 4 program areas, shouldn't require barren Australians to foot the bill.

You had them Australia, you pay for them.

Have your rugrats, home school your brats and stay at home where you belong, and don't expect me to foot the bill for your kids education and childcare expenses.

Because it isn't going to happen Australia.

And remember.....

Two four six and eight, no more kids lets immigrate, nine ten eleven twelve, mining tax is on the shelf.

Our super mining tax will be placed on the back-burner until after the election,(naturally) to stop those mining companies anti-labor propaganda, however we still plan to push on with it to please our Chinese investors by 2012...once the coast is clear and we have been reelected.

Very Happy
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Before voting for Julia Gillard consider the following 4 things
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