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 Ideas for movies

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PostSubject: Ideas for movies   Sat 17 Jul 2010 - 6:43

Wouldn't it be good if they remade the 1989 Beetlejuice supernatural spoof, ...only with Jim Carrey starring as Beetlejuice (naturally)... with extra- special effects, more fantasy and imagination,(preferably twisted) loads of warped humour, ...and a half decent plot this time and an all star cast. Perhaps a new family could move into a home that has been recently built on the original houses block of land, when one of their kids digs up 3 pieces of the scale-model set the original owners (ghosts) kept in their attic, 3 pieces when put together form the word beetle geuice (intentionally misspelled the way it was in the scale model headstone from the original film) . The boy pondering the tiny-scale pieces he's dug up from his back yard finally decides to recite beetle juice 3 times, (not thinking much of it) whilst pondering boarding school when suddenly .......

Well... I'm sure you get the drift.

I have a complete story line for this lol, but I wont bore you with it....you get the gist of it anyway.


Some films just scream for a re-make, I feel this is one of them!

Others might beg to differ though....

For it's time, it had really good special effects, imagine what they could do now!!!

Smile And Jim Carrey would be a fantastic "Beetle Juice" ...

Needs much more fantasy though, and a more detailed plot.

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Ideas for movies
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