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 I'm baaaaaaaack

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PostSubject: I'm baaaaaaaack   Tue 10 Aug 2010 - 2:38


Due to my daughter having her arm in a splint, I gave her my computer to keep her socialising with school-friends whilst she was off school.

1st x-ray = tiny fracture

2nd x-ray= growth plate (no fracture) ..though severe swelling , especially in her fingers and wrist.
Her fingers looked like little frankfurts.


The verdict, her arms in a splint,(2 weeks) torn ligament/tendons, soft tissue injury, and physiotherapy once the cast comes off.

Like the doctor said, a tiny fracture would have been better, and much easier to treat, tendons and ligaments require more intensive rehabilitation after the tissues have repaired to stop shortening and permanent damage.

On Friday, they made her wait in our local hospitals waiting room for 4.5 hours, she became increasingly distressed, as time passed, and when the nurse came over and offered her nurophen in the waiting room, after I already told the idiot she was asthmatic, she looked at me and advised sternly that I should have advised she had an allergy to nurophen, when I advised, she does not have a drug allergy to nurophen, nurophen is a contraindication with asthmatics, she became quite hostile and embarrassed..at which point I requested to speak to the DON (Director of nursing).... apparently they didn't have one , so had to suffice with their NUM (nursing unit manager).

The NUM asked if I had any medical background, I said yes I do, but really, does it matter?

What if I didn't, and what if this idiot had have induced a fatal asthma attack due to her having administered the wrong medication?

Fortunately I stopped her administering the medication, but should I have had to?

She the idiot (EN) who tried to administer nurophen, was your classic EN (enrolled nurse) this opposed to an RN ,(Registered nurse) which a Gillard government is stuffing our hospitals with.

Yes, they have given us more nurses, but are they even pharmacologically qualified to be prescribing any drug, much less nurophen?

Well, clearly not, because she needed me to tell her that nurophen is (Ibruprophen) is contraindicated with asthmatic patients.

My daughter is a severe asthmatic.

So next time you're in hospital being triaged by Mar Kettle, the EN, (Frankensteins assistant) be careful , and insist a doctor (probably an Indian who cant speak English) has signed it off.

Gillard/Labor has intentions of now turning RN's into nurse practitioners (cheap GP's) is rural areas.

This is Labors way of saying, YES, LOOK, WE HAVE PUT MORE NURSES ON THE FLOOR, but at what cost?

They have no idea, and sadly, these EN's enjoy their new powers, ... NIA (Nurse initiated medication)...yet have not studied pharmacology at university, nor understand the way in which medications move throughout the body, from start to finish, (their cause/effect), pharmacokenetics rather studied mere medication administration under the instruction of a nurse at TAFE!

Gillard, when we stressed we had medical staff shortages, we had hoped you wouldn't improvise.

The consequences could be fatal, which might explain the increasing lawsuits re- malpractice in recent years.

Sorry Gillard, near enough isn't good enough, and this applies to your no-frills (education revolution) teaching staff, (teachers-aids) and immigrants on working visas in our schools also.


Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: I'm baaaaaaaack   Wed 22 Dec 2010 - 21:12

Mary Christmas!!!
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I'm baaaaaaaack
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