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 Rainwater Purification Centre

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PostSubject: Rainwater Purification Centre    Mon 11 Jul 2011 - 13:22

With the increasing number of flats in Kochi, the problem of acute shortage of water is a serious problem. Each Kochi flat is today installing the rain water harvesting system to minimize the water shortage. There is a number of rain water harvesting systems that have come up to cleanse the water to the maximum and use it as drinking water or for some other purposes. One such system is the Rainwater Purification Centre (RainPC).

RainPC is a system used for the conversion of rainwater to drinking water developed by Acquasure which is a consortium of three specialist Netherlands based companies. By scaling down the multi-staged water treatment including screening, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration RainPC is developed. It also includes existing technologies like upward flow fine filtration, absorption and ion exchange. It is made of ultraviolet resistant poly-ethylene housing and cover. Stainless steel rods and bolts, a nickel brass valve and an adapter are also provided for maintaining constant volume. The RainPC is incorporated with Xenotex-A and activated carbon cartridges along with ultra membrane filtration or micro-membrane filtration modules. Hence it has the capacity to deal with E-coli and satisfies the World Health Organization water regulation standards.

It is simple and easy to install the RainPC system. It is also easy to operate and maintain. It does not need any power and operates at low gravity pressure i.e. 0.1 bar upward. It is capable of providing a constant flow of about 40 liters of rainwater per hour which is sufficient for a family of five for drinking, cooking and bathing purposes. It maintains a constant volume irrespective of water pressure.
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piss off spammer. You're spoiling the sticky and other threads that should be front and centre here.
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Rainwater Purification Centre
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