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 Krudd says sorry & rethinks climate policy

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PostSubject: Krudd says sorry & rethinks climate policy   Sun 28 Feb 2010 - 9:31

Quote :
KEVIN Rudd has admitted his Government has "disappointed a lot of people" and let itself down by not living up to its promises or talking enough.

In a candid interview with columnist Laurie Oakes, the Prime Minister admitted he had been too focused on policy details and had not spent enough time explaining his climate change scheme to voters.

"We've disappointed a lot of people," he said. "We've let ourselves down."

The debate over the bungled handling of the Federal Government's home insulation scheme "reflects a wider disappointment in the community about what the Government has done".

Hours after the interview, he demoted Peter Garrett and announced a rethink in his Government's climate policy.


This man is incorrigible, the average Australian has never been worse off. Health & educations an absolute mess, whilst electricity prices, rent, the cost of living in general continues to soar, yet wages remain the same.

Crime is up, jobs are down.... violence and child abuse is escalating (though stats are being withheld) ... so who is he trying to kid?

What a mess, and all he has to say for himself is "sorry"?

Sorry wont cut it this time I'm afraid.

The damage is done!

Too busy globe trotting trying to impress foreign bank-rollers, selling off Australian government bonds and assets whilst ignorantly endorsing pointless climate policies in the process has taken it's toll.

Australia, Rudd has done a number on us, this was no mistake.

The more needy we are, the more dependent on foreign bank-rollers aka China we become.

We didn't thwart a recession at all, we just sold our ass to China to keep the economy huming along until he's finished what he set out to achieve.

If he resigned tomorrow, he will have been a happier and more financially secure man for it.

This was always about Rudd, was always the plan...this was never about what he could do for Australia.

We have been screwed over!

It's official.

And no, he is far from sorry.

He should be sacked.
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PostSubject: Re: Krudd says sorry & rethinks climate policy   Sun 28 Feb 2010 - 10:03

Two of our most precious resources, energy and water, and who's in charge?

Penny Wong!

And what's Penny Wong doing about our bleak water situation coupled with rapid immigration, the water crisis Howard forewarned us about and to this day, insists this is Australia's biggest concern being swept to the side-lines, and why?

Because our water supply, shortage isn't consistent with Rudds mass-immigration plans.

Toss'em a stimulus package, a school issued lap-top and a few insulation bats, and they wont notice the difference.

Or have we?

I think we have all felt the pinch concerning the outrageous hikes in utility prices over recent months, (electricity, gas, water) this along with the ever increasing cost of living in general whilst wages, salary's remain the same... or less, as desperate immigrants on working visas swarm Australian job vacancy's and don't mind working for a lower rate of pay if they think they stand better chance at gaining permanent residency at the end of their stay.

How to go from one of the worlds most liveable to unliveable western nations in 4 years.

Rudd should write a book on it.
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PostSubject: Re: Krudd says sorry & rethinks climate policy   Thu 4 Mar 2010 - 13:05

We need to start drowning politicians who won't do the best for US, and crawl up the backsides of other countries. Evil or Very Mad
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PostSubject: Re: Krudd says sorry & rethinks climate policy   

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Krudd says sorry & rethinks climate policy
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