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 Australias got tallent

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PostSubject: Australias got tallent   Sat 8 May 2010 - 8:27

In response to a post on another forum....[quote]The guy on Australia's Got Talent is actually named Cam McAzie, stage name 'The Badpiper'
you can join him on facebook to get the updates from his real fan page. Just go to: e-Badpiper/81281136371?ref=search&sid=607835245.16 49890353..1

His shiny new website will be up very soon...

He sure has the talent to win the show, lets all show him our support by voting!***brock
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Ok, the act was refreshingly quirky, interesting and entertaining, (I have a relative who loves the bagpipes, so would consider annoying the shit out of her with this guys sound track at her wedding for a laugh) but to vote for him, this or peg him as a winner ...well, honestly, could you listen to a whole album of this guy playing his bagpipes to someone else's music? With or without the soundtrack thumping in the background?

I enjoy the ceremony of the more traditional bagpipe sound,(occasionally, and in very small doses) and can see how his 'sound' might one day become a club anthem, particularly among the alternative -rock genre in an underground carpark somewhere in Newtown packed with skin-heads , but I really cant see it becoming a phenomena, an genre unto itself... recall yothu Yindi, Now that was catchy when we all first heard it, but not epic enough to start a whole new music genre/sound as such. Besides, Yothu Yindi had cultural significance on it's side, given it was politically incorrect not to love them so no talk show host/music critic would be caught dead bagging them...hell no, ..though what does this NAZI skin-head with a mow-hawk have that they don't? Entertainment value, yes....but aside from this, wouldn't he be best marketing this sound in the UK, where he will be appreciated by a rebellious anarchist youth culture wanting to piss off their parents?

Ireland and Scotland I reckon... and some parts of Nazi Germany.


I think he would do really well over in the UK, but we are just too politically correct and oppressed to enjoy any definitive sub-music culture publicly, alternative music here in Australia is like gay-sex yes it's ok, but just do it quietly.

I love Jet, but how far have they come really?

And how hard was it even for them to break into the industry?

He's politically unpalatable to begin with, (looks like a Nazi skinhead) with or without the bagpipes, however agree, he was definitely entertaining. I'd invite him to a BBQ.


Would I vote for him?

No more than I would for those poll dancers, .....I mean really Australia, we call this talent?

If we are ever to be taken seriously, then we need to start taking ourselves seriously also, I thought that old Italian guy was amazing, but what are we looking for?

Signed contracts or just a laugh?

Who ever wins it, they will have to project the political ideals of the time, ... how about an all Australian rock-group, with Chinese fusions, ..... that'll get Rudd tapping his foot.

;)Sorry to make this political guys, but lets cut the crap.

We know it is!

Hence this guy doesn't stand a chance...even if we did vote for him, Rudd would sensor our votes via an ISP filter anyway.

I'm sure Rudds personal vote would go to the poll-dancers anyway.

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PostSubject: Re: Australias got tallent   Sat 8 May 2010 - 11:50

Australia may have talent but the OP needs spelling lessons.
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Australias got tallent
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