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 Over the counter DNA testing good or bad?

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PostSubject: Over the counter DNA testing good or bad?   Thu 13 May 2010 - 3:06

Good or bad idea? Over-the-counter DNA test kits to be sold at Walgreens stores
By Troy Reimink | The Grand Rapids Press
May 12, 2010, 8:03PM

Soon, finding out if you have the genetic markers for Parkinson's, cancer, Alzheimer's or heart disease could be as easy as a trip to Walgreens, which will begin selling personal genetic testing kits as early as the end of this week.

The "Insight" kits themselves cost about $30, and for another $250, you can get a detailed analysis of a glob of your spit to determine what diseases you could be in for.

I spoke with managers at some local Walgreens stores, and was told kits would probably be available, but nobody was exactly sure when. I was informed, however, that paternity testing kits are available over the counter starting at $14.99. The more you know.

Anyway, critics are quick to point out that putting genetic testing in the hands of the average consumer could result in a lot of people being misled.

Professor David Winickoff of UC Berkeley told the "Today Show" that simply showing markers for certain diseases is just part of the bigger picture:
"They're very complex diseases and they're caused by a large number of genes, and probably a large range of enviornmental factors. Simply to have one marker correlated with a disease tells you very little. It might tell u you have a 1-2 percent greater chance of getting the disease. Most of health is determined by environmental factors like nutrition, exercise and having [regular medical] check-ups."

A representative of San Diego-based Pathway Genomics, which manufactures the "Insight" kits, told an ABC affiliate the goal is to help consumers "make better lifestyle choices."

The story goes on to quote Hank Greely from the Center for Law and Biosciences who offers this counterpoint: "It's like asking your next door neighbor to do surgery."

Cool, if your next-door neighbor is a surgeon. The Food and Drug Administration, though, has not approved the kits and will start an investigation once they hit shelves, ABC reported.

What do you think? Is over-the-counter DNA testing a good idea?

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PostSubject: Re: Over the counter DNA testing good or bad?   Thu 13 May 2010 - 3:09

......Now Suddenly, it's a headline here in Australia.

When old news is good news, we must be 3 days behind the rest of the world I think...as this story will be featuring on tonights 7 news,...an exclusive story apparently.

:)Pity the rest of the world read about it in last months issue of New Scientist!

...Or was it featured in their magazine last year?


Yahoo!7 worry about non existent headlines perhaps?

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PostSubject: Re: Over the counter DNA testing good or bad?   Thu 13 May 2010 - 3:40

I should image there will be a boom in the genetically counseling field of expertise when people begin rushing to their GP's for a referral, so they may better understand the results of their tests.

I'm in two minds about it,...and whilst I think it's good in the instance where preventable disease is concerned , (ie avoid aluminum and heavy metal foods if you are genetically predisposed to Alzheimers disease, or be extra diligent re- fitness if you are prone to heart disease) my concern is that genetically, we are all predisposed to developing one thing or another will knowing what this is adversely effect the natural order of things, this and create more anxiety than is desired or necessary, in an already overpopulated world? ....(we all die of something) and if it's of natural causes, it will generally be either cancer heart/vascular or neuro-degenerative/immune disease...(noone just dies of old age) .
I concern is this kit is not being distributed for the right reasons, rather is being distributed by a gluttonous pharmaceutical companies to alarm the masses, feeding off their paranoia, and concern.

What next?

Genetic correction kits, being sold to fix the defects the first test found?

How reliable are they?

We are all going to die of something, but do we really want to know?

Smile...Well, they have to recover their swine-flu debt some how I guess, given noone wants to get vaccinated.

Again, they prey on peoples fear, just have gone about it another way.

And because of these kits potential to exploit,mislead the uneducated public this and create unnecessary stress/anxiety, (people will go running to their GP's)...and and probably die of a stress related disease just sitting there worrying about what it is they now know they are likely to die from.

We should all be leading a healthy lifestyle as hough we were vulnerable to the above diseases anyway.

"The test says I'm gonna get Alzheimers, so I might as well keep smoking and eating crap while I still can, am only gonna lose my mind anyway, with any luck, I'll die of a heart attack first, before I start shitting the bed and forgetting my name."....

Smile... A cartoonist could have fun with this concept.
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PostSubject: Re: Over the counter DNA testing good or bad?   Thu 13 May 2010 - 9:21

Fact, there will be many a hypochondriac exhausting an already buckling health care system demanding follow-up and genetic counseling after having plaid scientist with these kits at home.

Smile... I'm still undecided as to whether theres a place for self-diagnosis and or genetic testing among the home-scientist/genetic enthusiast, and am wary of anything that comes from a pan pharmaceuticals these days.

Or its subsidiaries, beneficiaries there of.
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PostSubject: Re: Over the counter DNA testing good or bad?   

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Over the counter DNA testing good or bad?
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