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 Iron Man 2

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PostSubject: Iron Man 2   Mon 17 May 2010 - 23:41

I preferred the first one, on account of the second being merely a series of robotic events, it lacked story line.

You guys know how the first one had a decent story line, especially where he was forced to build a weapon in a cave?

Well, this was just like the rest of the first movie, whereby it just continued on from where the last movie left, and it genuinely lacked a story line, nothing unexpected happened, too much robotic action for my liking.

The guys among us enjoyed it more than the females, we all liked the first one better because it was 'then' something different.

I gave Ironman 1 about 9/10

I gave Ironman 2 about 7/10


Would I watch it again?

No, but have watched Ironman 1 about 5 times now...and would watch it again.
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Iron Man 2
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