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 How well do you know who you chat-up online?

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PostSubject: How well do you know who you chat-up online?   Mon 7 Jun 2010 - 11:19

Some people get clingy after sex, like they want you to marry them after the first bonk.... I mean, what ever happened to a trial period, as in try before you buy?


Hows this for a horror story, my mother had a friend, (she was my mothers bridesmaid only a few months before) who on the night of her wedding, her new husband beat her within inches of her life on board a cruise ship.... she ended up with a speech impediment and irreversible brain damage...never to be the same again.

She never ended up getting married, or having children, her elderly parents buried her a couple of weeks back, she had a stroke, believed to have been related to the head injuries she sustained 30 odd years ago.

They had only known each other for a few months before deciding to tie the knot!

Turns out her husband became fiercely jealous of the ships captains attentions towards his new bride, (the captain meant nothing sinister, he was only being polite when he asked the new bride for a dance)

I only heard the full story recently, apparently her own parents argued with hospital staff, exclaimed there had been a mistake, that the bludgeoned woman laying in the ICU bed with drains hanging out of her skull was not their daughter.

No, there had been no mistake.

How well is well enough to know someone?

Well enough to trust them with your life?
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How well do you know who you chat-up online?
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