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 Robert Hughes trial by media?

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PostSubject: Robert Hughes trial by media?   Thu 1 Apr 2010 - 3:35

Trial by media? I don't think so.

When responsible authorities or those with a duty of care neglect to act appropriately to allegations when made, a proper function of the media is to invoke its role as the fourth estate and expose those allegations to the scrutiny of the public sphere.

The fact that Sarah claims no investigation was carried out when she originally complained justifies the route she chose to take and justifies A Current Affair's decision to air the story.

Together they have ensured a thorough police investigation will occur. Not before time.

By Susan Merrell (freelance journalist)



The simple fact remains, had this matter been dealt with by channel 7's executives when the the allegations were first brought to their
attention 20 odd years ago, then this wouldn't be happening right now.

I say good on Sarah Monahan and at least a dozen others for having created media awareness.

Channel 7 had their chance 20 odd years ago to tell their side of the story to police when it first happened, though chose to silence their victims instead.

What goes around comes around.
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Robert Hughes trial by media?
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